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Welcome to Trimilin

Trimilin has paid special attention to health care and exercise over decades.


In 1979, the founder of the company, Joachim Heymans brought the first minitrampoline to Europe. It was initially underestimated as a mere child's toy. However, in the following years, it made its way through Europe. Not as a toy, but as an ingeniously simple and highly effective training device for fitness, weight control and rehabilitation. Especially suited for those who are not accustomed to regular sports activities for lack of time or due to joint and back problems.


Today in Europe and far beyond the name Trimilin has become a synonym for outstanding quality and superb performance. The price/performance ratio is unmatched backed up with a record of more than 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and application of our health and fitness products.


We invite you to rediscover the joy of an active lifestyle. Any doctor will tell you that we need exercise just like we need to eat and drink. And the good thing is, exercise does not necessarily mean total exhaustion and stress. It is indeed possible to live an active life with a lot of fun and enjoyment.