Elastic rubber cables for Trimilin rebounders

Rebounders with rubber cables

Trimilin rebounders – soft and stretchable


Trimilin is equipped with specially coated, very durable rubber cable. Rubber cable is softer than steel. It is more stretchable and the mat goes down a longer way until it reaches the bottom of the movement. This brings about a slower swinging frequency. Especially recommended for slow, finely dosed swinging. For example when joints or the spine are very sensitive.

Trimilin rebounders with rubber cables


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Trimilin offers 2 types of rubber cable systems

Trimilin has also developed various types of rubber cables in addition to the steel spring devices. Standard models with a single rubber cable and models with patented VARIO system and 12 adjustable rubber cables.

Rebounder Trimilin with one rubber cable


Mini trampolines with a single rubber cable:

  • Trimilin-miniswing
  • Trimilin-swing
  • Trimilin-superswing
  • Trimilin-junior


Rebounder Trimilin with 12 rubber cable


Mini trampolines with VARIO rubber cables:

  • Trimilin-vario
  • Trimilin-vivo
  • Trimilin-jump

Advantages of Trimilin rebounders with one single rubber cable

Trimilin rebounders with a single rubber cable

The lower the body weight, the more we recommend mini trampolines with this type of suspension, like for small children or lightweight adults. In contrast to conventional rubber rings which are only wrapped in a thin textile coating, Trimilin cables are coated with multiple layers of highly elastic synthetic fibers for unparalleled longevity. Its superior quality characteristic is the high extensibility and elasticity, which is the secret behind the superb Trimilin bounce quality: Active-dynamic rebound and very high fun factor.


Quality benefits of Trimilin rubber cables:

  • more stretchable
  • activ-dynamic rebound
  • super-soft suspension
  • for very sensitive spine and joints
  • for low body weight and children
  • softness level 4 up to 6
  • joyful swinging
  • easy rebounding
Trimilin-junior rebounder


Space saving and very light. With its frame height of only 22 cm this rebounder especially well suited for children.
Diameter: 87 cm / Softness level 3



Trimilin-miniswing mini trampoline


Same technology as on Trimilin-swing but using less space. Smaller diameter of 102 cm.
Softness level 4




Trimilin-swing rebounder


Ideal for swinging and jumping. Suitable rebounder for the entire family from toddlers to adults. Diameter 120 cm.

Softness level 5






Features an extremely gentle, super-soft suspension for easy swinging and light jumping. Diameter 120 cm.
Softness level 6




Technical details for the 4 standard models

Trimilin rebounders with a single rubber cable


softness of trimilin rebounder



Trimilin rebounders with VARIO system


trimilin rebounder with Vario system


The innovative suspension system VARIO offers the possibility to adjust the rubber cable tension of the jumping mat. You can adjust 12 individual rubber cables so that the elastic tension becomes stronger or softer as required. There ist no need to replace cables or rubber rings.

VARIO rubber cable advantages:

  • 4 different tensioning options for changing the degree of softness
  • Active-dynamic rebound
  • Specially coated, very durable rubber cables
  • Provides superb bounce quality
  • Attractive colours

Rebounder with Vario rubber cable. Frame cover included

Trimilin-vario 100, Trimilin-vario 120, Trimilin-vario 120-35 with VARIO rubber cable in white.





Trimilin-vario 100 Trimilin-vario-120 Trimilin-vario120-35
  Trimilin-Vario 100 Trimilin-Vario 120 Trimilin-Vario 120-35


Rebounder with coloured VARIO rubber cables. Without frame cover.

Trimilin-vivo and Trimilin-jump with rubber cables,  for example yellow, orange, pink, or black.





Vario-Trampoline Trimilin blue-neon Vario-Trampoline Trimilin blue-orange Vario-Trampoline Trimilin blue-pink
  Yellow Orange Pink

Trimilin-vivo with VARIO system      Trimilin-jump with VARIO system

Changing the tension of the Trimilin-vario

You can increase or reduce the tension of the elastic mat with the tensioning tool. So you can easily modify the routing of the Vario cable In just a few simple steps.


Changing the tension of the Trimilin-vario