The rebounder for active-dynamic rebound and very high fun factor

Trimilin-swing suitable rebounder for the whole family from toddlers to adults. Combines a soft landing with active-dynamic rebound and a high fun factor. Due to its large diameter of 120 cm it is also ideally suited for exercises lying down on the back or together with a partner.

  • Ideal for swinging and jumping
  • Large diameter
  • Ideal for exercises together with a partner
  • Suitable for the entire family

Rebounder Trimilin-swing


Technical data Trimilin-swing

  • Elastic mat in black or blue
  • Diameter: 120 cm
  • Height upper edge frame: 29 cm
  • Weight of the trampoline: 9 kg
  • Recommended body weight of approx. max. 100 kg
  • Softness level 5


Technical data Trimilin rebounders

Trimilin rubber cable trampoline

Trimilin rubber cable

Equipped with specially coated, very durable rubber cable. Its superior quality characteristic is the high extensibility and elasticity, which is the secret behind the superb Trimilin bounce quality: Active-dynamic rebound and very high fun factor.

Joint exercises

Joint exercises

soft swinging and moving on the rebounder activates and mobilizes joints and spine.

Rebounder training with partner


Partner exercises

Ideal  for exercises in twos, relaxing for shoulders and back

Trimilin trampoline, ideal for children

Ideal for children

Soft landing with activ-dynamic rebound and a high fun factor


Rebounders with steel springs



Trimilin-med Trimilin-sport Trimilin-pro
  Trimilin-med Trimilin-sport Trimilin-pro