Original Trimilin Accessories

Convenient accessory for Trimilin rebounders


Useful and practical

  • Support bar
  • Carrying bag
  • Variable leg heigths
  • Folding legs
  • Trimilin spring covers


support bar Trimilin trampolines support bar for Trimilin trampolines 

Support bar for Trimilin rebounders 102 cm and 120 cm

Facilitates training on the Trimilin, especially for elderly people. Available for all models except Trimilin-junior.


Carrying bag Trimilin trampoline carrying bag

Carrying bag for Trimilin rebounders

Suits all models except Trimilin-swing and Trimilin-superswing. For safe storage and transport when you travel with your Trimilin.


Variable leg heights Variable leg heights

Variable leg heights for Trimilin rebounders

The screwed on legs for Trimilin are available in different lengths up to a max. frame height of 40 cm. For even more training and therapy variants, like in case of higher body weight or for wheelchair users.



folding legs trimilin mini trampolines


Folding legs for Trimilin rebounders

All models except Trimilin-junior and Trimilin-sport are available with folding legs instead of screwed on legs. The reliable folding mechanism provides for easy storage of your Trimilin behind the door, under your bed or in the car boot.



Trimilin coloured spring covers


Coloured spring covers for all models

Standard colour for all Trimilin rebounder models is silver-grey, except for Trimilin junior which comes with a red cover. A range of other colours is available at a small extra charge.