Increase or reduce the tension of the trampoline according
to your individual needs!


VARIO is a new suspension and tensioning system with 12 individual rubber cables. This allows you to set the tension of the elastic mat to tighter or softer depending on your needs, without having to replace cables or rubber rings.


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Customising the bounce properties

Each individual special suspension offers 4 different tensioning options for changing the degree of softness. And you can adapt the tension with a few easy steps, on just a few or on all of the 12 separate rubber cables. The more of them you change, the greater is the effect on the tension of elastic mat a whole.


Depending on your individual preferences, your body weight or the kind of training you wish to perform. For you and all of your family. The specially coated, very durable rubber cables have a very high extensibility and elasticity. This provides superb bounce quality and active-dynamic rebound combined with a great deal of fun.


Minitrampoline VARIO-System




Trimilin-miniswing-vario Trimilin-swing-vario Trimilin-superswing-vario




Trimilin-Vario with adjustable tension according to body weight. For you and your family

Vario Trampolin mit verschiedenen Spannmöglichkeiten



Each Trimilin-Vario model comes with a specific basic setting (degree of softness).


With the VARIO system however, you can change the degree of softness in both directions, in other words, making it
tighter or softer.


This means that you can adapt your Trimilin-Vario to your individual needs, or if several people, each with a very different body weight, want to train on the Trimilin.





VARIO technique

Each VARIO cable is mounted on a series of 4 suspension elements. The two in the middle serve to individually adjust the tension of the cable.