Stress relief through motion

Brain training on the trampoline

Stress relief through motion




Studies prove that we absorb most information during the first 10 to 20 minutes of learning. The longer the class, the less we remember. Darral Chapman from the New York Institute for Child Development has observed:


Learning stress is relieved through exercise. Therefore, you should take a regular exercise break. Briefly review what you have learned. You will see that your learning ability and your memory will improve dramatically.


On the Trimilin, your entire body is set into harmonic vibration from head to toe without any strain on the joints.This helps the organism to overcome blockades and return to its energetic equilibrium. It reactivates the body's own regulatory ability.




Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is an attention and concentration disorder that already starts during childhood. Primary symptoms are easy distractibility, low stamina and large emotional instability. This is fequently also observed in comination with hyperactivity (ADHD). 


Trimilin as teaching aid

There is something you can do against ADD and ADHD! There has been an increase of persons suffering from hyperactivity over the past years, especially among children. They suffer from difficulties to concentrate and cannot sit still. If this excess energy had an escape valve, it might be possible to prevent the administration of medicine, e.g. Ritalin.


Try out the Trimilin Trampoline! For children, there is hardly a better way to get rid of excess energy than a few minutes of jumping on the Trimilin.


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