Rebounder Trimilin-Vivo

VARIO-Models attractive rubber colours


With the innovative VARIO system you can set the tension of the jumping mat higher or lower, in accordance with use and body weight.



  • Patented VARIO system
  • Outstanding dynamics
  • Attractive colours
  • Without frame cover
  • Diameter 102 cm, 111 cm or 120 cm



Rebounder Trimilin Vivo

Trimilin-Vivo Trampoline




Trampolin Trimilin-vivo gelb blau Trampolin Trimilin-Vivo  pink blau  


Technical data Trimilin-vivo


  vivo 100
  vivo 111
  vivo 120
Ø   102 cm   111 cm   120 cm
Softness level (basic setting) Weichheitsgrad der Federung Stufe 4 Weichheitsgrad der Federung Stufe 5 Weichheitsgrad der Federung Stufe 6
Recomm. for a body weight of approx.*   110 kg   110 kg   100 kg
Height upper edge frame   26 cm   29 cm   29 cm
Weight of the rebounder   8 kg   9 kg   9 kg
Available with fold-up legs   yes   yes   yes
Colour of the elastic mat   black or blue   black or blue   black or blue
*Recommended maximum body weight with tightest possible tensioning to largely avoid touching the ground.