Rebounder Trimilin-Vivo

VARIO-models with attractive rubber colours


Rebounder Trimilin-Vivo ist available in 3 diameters, 100 cm, 111 cm and 120 cm. Without frame-covers. You can vary the colours (white, black, yellow, orange, pink) of the 12 VARIO rubber cables, and combine with the blue or black jumping mat colour, entirely according to taste. Choose your favourite combination. With the innovative VARIO system you can set the tension of the jumping mat higher or lower, in accordance with use and body weight.


  • Patented VARIO system
  • Outstanding dynamics
  • Attractive colours
  • Without frame cover
  • Diameter 102 cm, 111 cm or 120 cm
Rebounder Trimilin-Vivo

Trimilin-Vivo mini trampoline




Trampoline Trimilin-Vivo blue yellow Trampoline Trimilin-Vivo blue pink  Trampoline Trimilin-Vivo


Technical data Trimilin-vivo


  vivo 100
  vivo 111
  vivo 120
Ø   102 cm   111 cm   120 cm
Softness level (basic setting) Softness level 4 Softness level 5 Softness level 6
Recomm. for a body weight of approx.*   110 kg   110 kg   120 kg
Height upper edge frame   26 cm   29 cm   29 cm
Weight of the rebounder   8 kg   9 kg   9 kg
Available with fold-up legs   yes   yes   yes
Colour of the elastic mat   black or blue   black or blue   black or blue
*Recommended maximum body weight with tightest possible tensioning to largely avoid touching the ground.