Rebounder Trimilin-med

The rebounder with soft and highly elastic special springs


Trimilin-med is recommanded for intensiv fitness and endurance training. Pleasently gentle to the spine and joints. At the same time with very dynamic lift. Perfect mini trampoline for physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as for endurance training and running.


  • Endurance and fitness training
  • Mukoviszidosis
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation after surgery
  • Therapy for children with ADHD
  • Very dynamic lift
  • Plesantly gentle to the spine and joints



Rebounder Trimilin med

Technical data Trimilin-med

  • Colour of the elastic mat black or blue
  • 36 springs
  • Recom. for a body weight of approx.*. 110 kg
  • Diameter: 102 cm
  • Height upper edge frame: 24 cm
  • Weight of the rebounder: 10 kg
  • Softness level 3
  • Available with screw on legs or
  • with fold-up legs

Rebounder Trimilin-med - the allrounder for therapy and fitness

The highly dynamic soft rebound tension of the Trimilin-med makes it particularly suitable for the therapy of children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis and ADHD diagnosis.

In physiotherapy it not only serves the stabilization of the ankle, knee and hip joints, but also systematically builds up atrophied leg or back muscles after surgery. The suspension is very gentle, but not too soft. For therapeutic applications it provides the necessary stability and security.

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