Things to know

Things to know about trampolines

Everything swings


Disharmonies and energy blockades create an imbalance and may lead to pain and illness.

Rhythmical rebounding on the trampoline helps in a soft and natural way, to release blockades and to activate the selfhealing power of the body.



Swinging on the trampoline has a positiv effect on:

  • Vertebrae and joints
  • Weight loss
  • Connective tissues
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Learning ability and memory
  • Stress relief
  • Circulatory system
  • Osteoporosis


Training for each cell



Training for each cell


Cell at the bottom: body cell is under increased pressure         Cell at the top: relaxed and weightless



Loss of weight

the original reason for overweight of the body is not the surplus fat, but the the shortage of trained and lean muscle mass.

The Trimilin helps you to escape the vicious circle of ‘excess weight – inactivity – even more weight’ once and for all.



Metabolism      Loss of weight

Lymph vessels

Lymph vessels are very important for the drainage of liquids from fascia and detoxication of the body. Disruptions of the lymphatic drainage lead to local accumulations (lymphedema) and fascial bonding. Lymph drainage can be improved through external influences, such as Trimilin training.


The lymphatic system      Lymph vessels

Attention deficit disorder

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is an attention and concentration disorder that already starts during childhood. Primary symptoms are easy distractibility, low stamina and large emotional instability. This is frequently also observed in combination with hyperactivity (ADHD).



Metabolism      ADHD and ADD

Vertebrae and joints

Back pain is a daily experience and hindrance for many people. Many are not aware that a lack of exercise is the actual cause. Training on the Trimilin strengthens the cartilage of the joints, increases the production of red and white blood cells in the spinal cord and the number of collagen fibers for a stronger and better protection of the joints.



Vertebrae     Vertebrae and joints

Stress relief

With every up and down on the trimilin the body produces endorphins. This creates immediately a good mood and new energy to you, to overcome with daily challenges on the job and at home in a lively and relaxed way. By rebounding on the trampolin your whole body gets into harmonic vibration and releases physical and mental tension and blockades.


MovementStress relief


Gravity is one of the four basic forces in physics. It is the force which the earth exerts on all objects. On the Trimilin, you can benefit from this force to vitalise all body cells. Each muscle in our body develops its power by working against the ever-present gravity. The stronger the gravity, the more powerful the training effect for the entire body.



Lymphatic system      Gravity