The rebounder for soft fun-jogging

Trimilin miniswing for gently fitness and jogging training. Same technology as on Trimilin-swing but using less space. The smaller diameter of only 1 meter provides a tighter suspension than the Trimilin-swing rebounder with its diameter of 120 cm. Therefore it swings sufficiently fast to support a normal jogging frequency, while the special rubber cable is just a bit softer than the springs of Trimilin-med.


  • Endurance and fitness training
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • For lightweight persons
  • Walking, swinging and jogging

Rebounder Trimilin-miniswing



Technical data Trimilin-miniswing

  • Elastic mat in black or blue
  • Diameter: 102 cm
  • Height upper edge frame: 26 cm
  • Weight of the trampoline: 8 kg
  • Recommended body weight of approx. max. 85 kg
  • Softness level 4


Technical data Trimilin rebounders

Trimilin miniswing rubber cable with long life coating

High class rubber cable

Rubber cable with long life coating



Trimilin special mat

Elastic mat

One special feature of the Trimilin is its unique special mat. It guarantees the highest degree of elasticity and a long service life.


multiple stitched with special thread

Stable Stitch

The high-elastic mats of the Trimilin trampolines are multiple stitched with special thread.


Rebounders with steel springs



Trimilin-med Trimilin-sport Trimilin-pro
  Trimilin-med Trimilin-sport Trimilin-pro