Trimilin Garden Trampolines - Fun for young and old alike

Trimilin garden trampolines

Perfect outdoor fun for young and old alike


Rebounding on the garden trampoline is one of the most popular outdoor activities. The large jumping area offers a lot of fun for young and old alike. The extra thick foam padding has a thickness of 30 mm, offering maximum safety. The velcro connection prevents from injury in the springs of the garden trampoline. High safety standards and details are fundamental basics at Trimilin garden trampolines.

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Trimilin garden trampoline – the right size for each garden

Trimilin-fun 19

trimilin-fun 19

ø 1.85 m


Trimilin-fun 24

trimilin fun 24

ø 2.40 m


Trimilin-fun 30

trimilin-fun 30

ø 3.00 m


Trimilin-fun 37

trimilin-fun 37

ø 3.70 m

Trimilin-fun 43

trimilin-fun 43

ø 4.30 m

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Highest possible stability and safety

Trimilin garden trampolines are quick and easy to set up. The frame is assembled without tools. Trimilin-fun 19 with a diameter of 1.85 m is the smallest garden trampoline with 6 support legs. The next two larger garden trampolines with a diameter of 240 cm and 300 cm each have 8 support legs. Trimilin-fun 37 and Trimilin-fun 43 with 12 support legs are maximum stable and safe.


  • Trimilin-fun 19 with 6 support legs
  • Trimilin-fun 24 with 8 support legs
  • Trimilin-fun 30 with 8 support legs
  • Trimilin-fun 37 with 12 support legs
  • Trimilin-fun 43 with 12 support legs


Trimiln fun logo garden trampoline

Popular and healthy outdoor fun

  • gentle on your joints and back
  • promotes circulation and metabolism
  • breaks down excess fat and lymphatic obstructions
  • promotes healthy bone and muscle growth
  • prevents osteoporosis
  • promotes coordination and balance
trimilin garden trampoline - Safety based on velcro fastener

Safety based on velcro fastener for Trimilin-fun

Strong velcro connection between the padding and trampoline prevent a gap forming between the mat and edge while the trampoline is in use. This stops hands and feet getting caught in the springs.


more details about safety and quality

Accessories garden trampolines

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