Trimilin Rebounders for fitness, health and rehabilitation

Trimilin rebounders and garden trampolines

Trampolines for health, fitness and vitality



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  • superior quality
  • ideal bounce experience
  • longevity and durability


Exercise keeps you healthy

Trampoline training in the office or at home


Trimilin rebounders are ideal training devices for all ages. Also for those who sit a lot, do little or no sport. They can be stowed away to save space, e.g. behind the door. Trimilin's gentle suspension systems allow a gentle workout for the entire body.


training on the trampoline at home

Soft swinging on the rebounder

  • stimulates the fat-burning
  • activates the metabolisms
  • activates the lymphatic system
  • promotes the purification of the body
  • invigorates the immune system
  • gentle to spine and joints
  • strengthens fascia and muscles
  • trains balance and coordination
  • reduces stress
  • prevents osteoporosis

Trimilin Rebounder

Perfection without compromise

Trimilin offers a choice between two high-quality suspension systems for rebounders

With Trimilin you are not limited to just one type of suspension system. Whether you love the superb dynamics of highly elastic steel springs or favour the softness and flexibility of rubber cable. Trimilin offers you the best of both systems. Last but not least with its worldwide patented VARIO technique for easy modification of the trampoline mat‘s tension. 


trimilin flexibility of rubber cable and highly elastic steel springs

Patented VARIO technology

One for all – jogging, jumping or gentle swinging



With the innovative VARIO system you can set the tension of the jumping mat higher or lower. You can change the degree of softness in both directions, in other words, making it tighter or softer. This means that you can adapt your Trimilin-Vario to your individual needs, or if several people, each with a very different body weight, want to train on the Trimilin. One for all – the new trampoline generation!



innovative VARIO system



Rubber cables with VARIO system



Fit and lively with the Trimilin trampoline

Swinging on the rebounder makes fun and good mood at any age. It is easy to learn for children, women and men of all ages. With simple and more complex movements the whole body is challenged and mobility is enhanced. Trimilin trampolines are especially gentle on the back and joints and are used for private training, in fitness studios or in rehabilitation. Whether for endurance, cardio training, overweight, pelvic floor muscles or for rehabilitation. Mini trampolines are ideal training devices also for those who do few or no sports. The indoor trampoline is also very popular as a trampoline for children, for example in cases of overweight, ADS, ADHD or mucoviscidosis.

Rebounder selection aid

Select the right model in two easy steps



Rebounder selection aid


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Trimilin Med Trampoline

Trimilin Med Trampoline

The mini trampoline with soft
and highly elastic special springs

Trimilin Med Trampoline

Trimilin fun Trampoline

Trimilin garden trampolines,
for fitness, health and fun


Pocket Multigym
with practical accessories

Trimilin swing trampoline

Trimilin swing trampoline

The mini trampoline for active-dynamic
rebound and very high fun factor

Trimilin swing trampoline

Trimilin junior trampoline

The mini trampoline –
ideal for children


Rebounder Trimilin-Vario with patented VARIO technology 



VARIO system


Perfect outdoor fun for young and old alike


garden trampoline



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