The rebounder built for higher body weight


Trimilin-pro with 48 special springs. The Trimilin pro rebounder with its stronger springs provides ideal swinging properties for users with a body weight as of approx. 100 kg. At the same time, it is highly elastic and gentle to the spine and joints.


  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation after sergery
  • Pleasantly gentle to the joints
  • Especially for higher body weight
  • Rehabilitation, endurance and jogging


Rebounder Trimilin-pro

Trimilin-pro with 48 special springs


Technical data  Trimilin-pro

  • Elastic mat available in black or blue
  • 48 strong springs
  • Diameter: 102 cm
  • Height upper edge frame: 24 cm
  • Weight of the reounder: 12 kg
  • Recommended for a body weight of approx. 50 - 170 kg
  • Available with fold-up legs
  • Softness level 2



Technical data Trimilin rebounder

Rebounders with rubber cables


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