gruppe 1 Cardiovascular workout, fat loss, fitness and strength training



  Trampolin Trimilin-miniswingTrampolin Trimilin-Vario 100



*   The weight limit is a recommendation given in order to largely avoid touching the floor during normal use.



Example 1

"I want to lose weight“

With your body weight you are nearest to the 87.5 of Trimilin-sport with softness level 1. However should you have problems with knees or a painful spine, for example, then it should be a softer model. In this case the Trimilin-med with an average weight of 70 and offering a softness level of 3.


Example 2

„As part of my diabetes and hypertension prophylaxis, my therapist recommended Trimilin to me. I am meant to pursue a cardiovascular training and come down from my 102 kg. I also had a hip operation, and this area is still quite painful.“

The Trimilin-pro is the first choice with an average of 100 kg. However, owing to the high pain sensitivity in the hip, the next softer unit offers a real alternative, in this case the Trimilin-med with a softness level of 3.