files/Trimilin Schweiz/Grafik-Layout/gruppe2-36px-zu.gif Therapy, prevention, cystic fibrosis, physiotherapy, hyperactivity (ADHD), rehabilitation   after surgery (ankle, knee, hip, back)



Trampolin Trimilin-med




* The weight limit is a recommendation given in order to largely avoid touching the floor during normal use.




        Trimilin-med, Trimilin-pro, Trimilin-miniswing

Trimilin-med is best suited for this purpose with its gentle suspension of very elastic springs which
are not too soft, offering the necessary safety and stability for therapeutic applications.
Trimilin-pro is perfect for a weight from approx. 110 kg. If you have very low body weight you can
also go for the Trimilin-Vario 100, for ex. slender senior users, or young children.


Exampel 1

"After a meniscus injury and surgery, I would like to build up my muscles again. I weigh 95 kg.

Trimilin-pro is the first choice here.


Exampel 2

„Our son has cystic fibrosis and is meant to do a lot of jumping to remove mucus from his respiratory tract. He has a weight of 43 kg.“

In this case, the preferred model is not the Trimilin-Vario 100, but Trimilin-med because the suspension is better suited for jump training.


Exampel 3

„I‘m 90 years old and have only 47 kg. Due to my blood pressure and osteoporosis, my doctor has prescribed me daily exercise.“

In this case, Trimilin-Vario 100 is the model of choice for a daily walking regime.