Gymnastic Flexaband


Gymnastic tape: Flexaband With the elastic gymnastic band Effortlessly to the ideal figure!



  • Posture and back training
  • Fitness and figure training
  • Ideal for therapy and rehabilitation
  • Extremy strechable
  • Available in four strengths
  • Extremely elastic natural latex
  • Printable




Flexaband is available in four strengths

Flexaband has been used successfully in aerobics and gymnastics groups for years. Ideal for figure training, fitness, rehabilitation and back training. You can vary the traction force individually by grasping the band longer or shorter or by combining the individual strengths


  • The extra strong band (green) is mainly used for strength training.
  • Strong (violet) is suitable for men and trained women
  • Women often prefer the medium band (pink)
  • The middle band (pink) is especially popular with women.
  • The light band (yellow) is recommended for children or seniors, who have little or no exercise.



Flexaband in four strengths 





 flexaband in four strengths



Flexaband care instructions

Flexaband is made of pure latex, a natural material consisting of 100 % rubber. Correct care prolongs the lifetime of your Flexaband. Do not store near heat or direct sunlight, keep well powdered and be careful of sharp nails and jewellery. Before training, always hold the band up against the light to check for nicks or tears which could cause the band to snap whilst in use. Untie before storing. Tight knots can easily be opened in cold water.



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